„We are excited to partner with FinTechs”, Interview with Márk Hetényi, Retail and Digital Deputy CEO at MKB Bank

The interview series continue with Márk Hetényi, who speaks about how banks are embracing FinTech, what are FinTechs good at and he also revealed some plans of MKB Bank.

Márk gave the interview at the MKB FinTech Lab, where he announced that MKB is starting an incubation program in the near future to take up local FinTech companies.

Márk Hetényi highlighted the customer journey planning as an exciting area of FinTech that should be adapted by MKB. „We are excited to partner with FinTech companies, to have jointly developed and own solutions as well.”  Although he also mentioned that it will definitely be a longer term learning experience for them to get there.

We asked Márk about the future plans of MKB. The focus for this current year is to set up the modular banking availability. They are engaged in certain discussions Márk still could not spoke about, the only thing he revealed to us is alternative financing. In parallel, they are looking at the PFM space with outside partners.


We asked Márk about the importance of customer retention and customer acquisition in the face of FinTech. According to Márk, both are essential in a bank.

At the conference, Chris Skinner, one of the influential people in the FinTech area, talked about a common belief system necessary for the forth revolution. Banks in the CEE may not have this system yet, however banks do analyze FinTech and might have embraced it in some ways but not publically yet. „Different banks have different portfolios, different ways of looking at things, some banks are not as threatened by FinTech as others are. I do not think there is a unified consensus in approaching FinTech, but I am not sure we should have one”

To all the developers out there working in the FinTech space, Márk’s advice is to keep developing the customer experience, not necessarily looking to kill the banks, because killing the banks would mean that the FinTechs are going face regulatory and infrastructure problems just like the banks do, and they have been struggling to deal with them. Do not want to own the whole chain, look for the partner to help you!


Stay tuned, further interviews are coming!

Special thanks for the videos to Mátyás Karsai.



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