PwC Startup Collider started its program to foster the fintech ecosystem in the CEE

13 startups got the chance to participate in the Startup Collider accelerator program designed to fintech solutions. The program is focusing on the Central Eastern European region.

Startup Collider team searched for four months to find the most suitable startups for its acceleration program. Part of their scouting activities they have also been to our FinTech Meetup in Budapest to present the Collider mission.

Startups depending on their maturity phase could get into one of two different programs; Startup Bootcamp and Fast Track. In the Bootcamp program, the eight startups – Xchanger, Cognitum, Claims Control, Blueopes, TalkBank, finAPI, Autenti and Jumbster – have already started their work. The Fast Track program accepted five more mature companies – Noa Tech, Cyber Productivity, Dotmetrics, Transparent Data and Coinfirm – who with the help of the program can extend their networks.

Actually one of our community members – Blueopes – has got in the program. Blueopes is an automatized wealth management platform offering custom-tailored portfolios that are focused on sustainable investments. You can get to know more about the teams by clicking here.  

The program offers space, mentorship, support and network. The selected startups got workspace close the PwC office in Warsaw and dedicated PwC mentors who help them grow from day one. For the first three month Collider program offers support in market research, pricing, product development and legal issues. After this, a longer period comes with possible market entries, together with PwC. The program does not include money investment, financial support and also does not ask for shares.

More about Startup Collider:

Startup Collider is a new initiative for nurturing and promoting startups from CEE. Each annual cycle of Startup Collider includes a 3-month bootcamp stage. The first edition started on 9th January 2017 and sees the entrepreneurs meeting with PwC’s experts and relevant business units to compile more information.

The startups chosen for the acceleration program will be matched with two dedicated mentors, a non-PwC expert and a PwC high performer, who is chosen based on his/her relevant expertise and serves as the contact point between the startup and PwC. This mentor works directly with the startup and is responsible for securing access to additional resources in PwC.

The extensive acceleration program is followed by a go-to-market stage of 6-9 months, during which PwC and the startups work together on the Proof of Concept and the first sale. More mature startups will directly move to this stage.


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