Focusing on the quick and easy access – this is the key for future payment. Interviewing Ferenc Szasz

CEE FinTech founder Zsombor Imre made an interview with Ferenc Szasz Country Sales Manager at Ingenico, who is also responsible for business development in the Eastern European region.

Ingenico is in the POS business for more than 30 years for now. Besides producing smart terminals, Ingenico is focusing on other business lines addressing the changing demands of customers.
For the retailers mPOS is a good example of the topic. The device is connected to a smartphone creating state of art technology for card acceptance.

Ingenico and fintechs

Ferenc Szasz stated that fintech is a hot topic and fintech solutions are in the company’s radar. Moreover, last year there was a big acquisition in the region, that will impact the Hungarian market sooner or later. Ingenico bought the company called Think&Go that is producing smart connected screens. Think&Go NFC has developed a technology that enables any kind of digital display to interact with connected objects such as smartphones and transit passes. Thanks to the technology once you put the card behind the screen you can initiate transaction, offer products or opportunity for immediate payment.

Why smart terminal?


Smart terminals can be used as a customer screen as the device has an HTML5 web interface. Merchants are able to download applications through a store. Through the terminal different type of products can be offered, can be used as a customer screen or a satisfaction survey screen. This is also valid for the mPOS system.

‘FinTech-readiness’ of the CEE

’The market is ready but not fully ready.’ – stated our interviewee. Fintechs are creating really innovative and customer-focused products and services but he still misses an universal solution that can relay cash or contactless payment.One important aspect also is generation, as X generation is partially opened to these solutions, Y and Z generations require easy and fast payment methods.

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